Friday, May 24, 2019

A Young Girl's Dream -Amelia

Hello and welcome! This blog post is focused on my dream giver writing session. It is all about my longwrite, what my dream giver looks like, and what your dream giver is!

Cycle Safety! -Amelia

Hello bloggers! Hope you enjoy this blog.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Being An Adult For A Day! (Homelearning) -Amelia

Hello and welcome bloggers!

Today I have made a slideshow that is an animation, I know a lot of you love animations.
Alright, if you don't like the girl that I am in the animation then let me know and I might change it if you are lucky.

Okay, how about we start now?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What Would Happen If We All Looked The Same? (Homelearning) -Amelia

Hello Bloggers! Good to see you again. Today I've got some cats I used to hire to help me do my blog and brought them back since you guys loved them so much. Welcome *Drum roll please* Kit and Kat! The famous stars that helped me with my maths and writing blogs long ago.

The Floodlands Longwrite -Amelia

Hey bloggers! Today I'm sharing my longwrite with you. It shows that I know how to use a range of description like similes, metaphors, personification, and more. Hopefully this piece of writing will show you that I can write really well and am now good at using a bunch of different types of description. Just so you know the black writing is what I wrote and the blue is the storystarter that my teachers wrote. Ok, let's see what you think of it!

Monday, May 13, 2019

North, East South, and West. Which One Do You Like The Best? -Amelia

Hello bloggers welcome to my new blog. It's about position as you can see from the title. Positions are North, East, South, and West, so let's move on now! Well, somewhere in the start of the workbook there was a cheesy song, Mrs Taylor is known for liking them! It was about North, East, South, and West and went like this. North, east, south, and west, which one do you like the best? Yea, that was the start. Well as you can see from the title its about position, and of course orientation. It's just I don't actually know what orientation means. Alright let's move on! So we were learning about North, East, South, and West, that clear? Well good because it's pretty much all about that. There's a thing to remember it, never eat soggy worms. But my version is never eat soggy weetbix, I know, sounds weird. Never stands for North, they both have the same letters at the start of them. Eat is east, soggy for south, worms/weetbix for west. Okay so know we know that I think it's time you know about what North, South, East, and West mean. Well, they are pretty much positions or directions. North is up, East is right, South is down, West is left. Next thing to know. If you know that the directions aren't any of North, East, South, or West, then it might be a mix. If it's in between two of the directions then you say both of them. Examples: If it's in between North and East then it's Northeast. If it's in between South and west then it's Southwest. End Of Example. Okay I think you get it now. Bye bye bloggers, now I think you're prepared for when you have to do this stuff like me.🐭

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What If We Could Practice Drawing In School? (Homelearning) -Amelia

Hello amazing bloggers that visit my blog a lot, hopefully you do anyways. Welcome to my blog!